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Forest Grove Dance Arts Partners With Clothes For The Cause For A Clothing Drive
By Monica Stamper
  Friday April 17, 2015 - 10:52 PM
FOREST GROVE, Oregon - Forest Grove Dance Arts is partnering with Clothes for the Cause, a fundraising company that collects clothes in exchange for cash, to raise money for costumes and entry fees. Forest Grove Dance Arts is hosting the clothing and textile drive, accepting clothing and shoes of any kind, in any condition, from now until April 25th, 2015. Following the clothing drive, Clothes for the Cause will pick up the donations and provide Forest Grove Dance Arts Competition Team with the total of their fundraising effort, measured in dollars per pound.

"Forest Grove Dance Arts competition team started in 2011 with 11 girls and 1 boy, at present it has now grown to 22 girls. Under the direction of Patty Petersen and choreographers Sara Weber, Holly Kupetz, Kelly Martorana and Stephanie Shepard the teams have competed in several group dances as well as solos, duos and trios. The team has won several overall titles and has qualified several times to compete at national competitions. Some members have received scholarships to attend national competitions and collectively the team has won over 275 awards. The team has participated in several fundraisers over the years to help pay for costumes and entry fees." Doris Kennedy, Parent Volunteer

"We are thrilled to be able to help Forest Grove Dance Arts Competition Team raise money costumes and entry fees" said Sarah Leoni, Clothes for the Cause Event Planner. "Clothes for the Cause and Forest Grove Dance Arts make it easy for everyone in our community to contribute by collecting things, free of charge, that our friends, family and neighbors already have in their houses."

Forest Grove Dance Arts Competition Team will be collecting donations at 1819 19th Avenue Forest Grove, OR 97116, from now until April 25th, 2015 at 2pm. In addition to garments, Clothes for the Cause accepts pairs of shoes, hats, gloves, towels, sheets, blankets, quilts, drapery, purses, belts, rugs and stuffed animals.

Through events, Clothes for the Cause gives community groups - churches, sports teams, school bands, and others - the opportunity to turn their friends and families' unwanted clothes into cash, while promoting sustainability and charitable acts in their community.

Unlike the quintessential fundraiser that asks people to buy candy bars, flower bulbs or candles, Clothes for the Cause assists community groups and youth and makes a positive impact on the environment and in-need communities, without charging event participants a cent. Instead of decaying in landfills, donated items are re-worn, reused or ethically recycled both in the United States and abroad, based on best use.

Clothes for the Cause provides all necessary tools and materials to host a successful fundraiser, including informational brochures, letters and flyers to distribute to the community members, tired-and-true promotion tactics, and convenient pickup of donated items at the close of the fundraiser. Event organizers can structure their events to raise a wide range of funds to support a variety of community projects - from purchasing new soccer jerseys to rebuilding a community.

About Clothes for the Cause Clothes for the Cause is a family-run fundraising company that collects clothing and shoes of any kind, in any condition in exchange for funds dedicated to schools, teams, clubs, community organizations, disaster relief and others. The organization has offices in California, Idaho, Oregon and Washington. Clothes for the Cause is owned by Gemtext, a Northwest-based sustainability-focused company serving the textile recycling industry through regional partnerships. Gemtext collects unwanted textiles and recycles or repurposes the materials in domestic and international markets. For more information, contact your local event planner, Sarah Leoni at 503-888-5095 or online at:


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