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Monday April 28, 2014    07:14 AM - Times viewed: 7549
PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) — An internal Department of Human Services presentation shows a troubled vendor's information technology modernization project is far behind schedule. The Oregonian newspaper obtained a copy of the presentation, which illustrated the problems with the system created by Oracle Corp., the newspaper reported (http://bit.ly/1ioBe7g). It's the second troubled project between t ...
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Sunday April 27, 2014    09:23 AM - Times viewed: 7543
Deputies from the Benton County Sheriff's Office are continuing to investigate a two-vehicle fatal motor vehicle crash that occurred on Highway 20, about a third of a mile east of Scenic Drive in North Albany. The crash resulted in the death of a 48 year old Corvallis man and minor injuries to four Philomath residents. At about 3:42 pm on Saturday, April 26, 2014, Boyd Everett Taylor, age 48, ...
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Sunday April 27, 2014    09:22 AM - Times viewed: 7521
WASHINGTON COUNTY - Police are searching for a frequent runaway juvenile female that is possibly engaging in dangerous activities including being victimized by human trafficking. Sheriff's Detectives are asking for the public's help to locate Adrian Brown, 15, from the community of Aloha. It is believed that she is engaging in dangerous self-destructive behavior. Detectives believe Adrian may ...
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Sunday April 27, 2014    09:20 AM - Times viewed: 7517
***UPDATE*** Note From Beaverton Police Department:
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Sunday April 27, 2014    09:14 AM - Times viewed: 7506
CORVALLIS, Oregon — 12-year-old Syble Rossiter died of complications from diabetes, enduring a dramatic weight loss, so much so that in the month before she died a teacher confronted her mother about the issue. The family is part of the Church of the First Born, a fundamentalist sect that believes traditional medical treatment is sinful, and instead trusts in God to heal them through faith. ...
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Sunday April 27, 2014    09:07 AM - Times viewed: 7570
BEND, Oregon — Another claim of sexual abuse has pointed its finger. Central Oregon Community College decided not to hire its top choice for college president after discovering he was put on leave by another institution when a colleague accused him of sexual misconduct. The community college was poised to name Patrick Lanning its next president on March 17, but it postponed the board's vote wit ...
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Saturday April 26, 2014    09:38 AM - Times viewed: 7547
PORTLAND, Ore. – Two men were hot outside a N.E. Portland bar early Saturday morning, police said. The shooting happened around 1 a.m. outside Magoo’s Bar and Grill on N.E. 42nd Ave. Both victims are expected to survive. Police are looking for the suspected gunman. ...
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Saturday April 26, 2014    09:35 AM - Times viewed: 7548
The Oregon State Marine Board denied a petition to open the rulemaking process to change the boating deadline at Willamette Falls during their quarterly Board meeting, held on April 23, in Salem. The Board also adopted the Abandoned/Derelict Vessel Program rules and tabled two other proposed rules: Slow-No Wake and the Uniform Waterway Marking System and Private Buoy Placement Applications. Pu ...
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Saturday April 26, 2014    09:35 AM - Times viewed: 7595
SANDY, Oregon - A Sandy-area man found Thursday night had been trapped inside his overturned pickup down a steep embankment off Highway 207 about ten miles north of Lexington in Morrow County. The single vehicle traffic crash happened Thursday at approximately 11:28 p.m., an ODOT employee reported driving on Highway 207 near milepost 10 when she spotted lights coming from down a steep embankm ...
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Saturday April 26, 2014    09:22 AM - Times viewed: 7496
HILLSBORO, Ore. (AP) — Police in the Portland suburb of Hillsboro say an SUV driver who hit the gas instead of the brake crashed through a window into a dance studio, injuring a 9-year-old boy who had been standing on the other side of the glass. The Oregonian reports (http://is.gd/h1Xapd ) that Sgt. Eric Bunday says the boy was taken to a hospital Friday afternoon with injuries that were not c ...
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Friday April 25, 2014    06:01 PM - Times viewed: 7529
Cover Oregon on Friday became the first casualty of the state-run Afordable Health Care exchanges, as officials formally gave up the fight to offer residents a state health care portal. Instead, Oregon, which has been hemorrhaging millions of dollars on a barely functioning website that has failed to sign up a single person, is turning to the federal government for an out. Cover Oregon’s full ...
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Friday April 25, 2014    05:57 PM - Times viewed: 7535
A man who fell onto a Northeast Portland sidewalk after his wheelchair allegedly struck a 3-inch raised section of concrete is suing the property owner for $63,500 -- pointing to a city code that requires owners to keep sidewalks in good repair. The lawsuit filed by Robert P. Simon might surprise some. But Portland City Code places the responsibility of repairing sidewalks -- and any potential ...
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Friday April 25, 2014    05:14 PM - Times viewed: 7597
WOODBURN, Oregon - This morning, a police were called to investigate a fatal pedestrian-involved traffic crash that occurred in the northbound lanes about two miles north of Woodburn. Initial investigation indicates the pedestrian intentionally moved into the truck's path resulting in the death of the 50-year old man. His name will be released later today. On April 25, 2014 at approximately 5: ...
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Friday April 25, 2014    05:10 PM - Times viewed: 7534
MCMINNVEILLE, Oregon - On April 25th, 2014 at about 1:00 am McMinnville Officers were dispatched to a report of a red Isuzu SUV driving recklessly in the area of SE Ford Street and SE Storey Street. Officers began arriving in the area, looking for the suspect vehicle. At approximately 1:03 am, an officer spotted a red Isuzu SUV on SW 99W at the intersection of SW Baker Street/SW Old Sheridan Rd. W ...
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Friday April 25, 2014    05:07 PM - Times viewed: 7583
The Yamhill County Sheriff's Office contacted the Salem Police Department following the discovery of a dead body at the Riverbend Landfill. It was determined that the body had arrived at the landfill in a garbage truck that had been collecting from dumpsters in West Salem. Detectives from Salem Police responded to the landfill to take over the investigation. Through the collection of fingerpri ...
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Friday April 25, 2014    05:06 PM - Times viewed: 7615
Gym members experienced a little extra excitement during their workout at Bethany Athletic Club this morning. Light smoke in the building prompted staff to call 9-1-1 just before 7:30am. First-arriving firefighters concentrated initially on evacuating patrons and locating the cause of the smoke. Soon they found a small fire burning in a mechanical room on the third floor. Fortunately two sprin ...
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Friday April 25, 2014    05:05 PM - Times viewed: 7563
MEDFORD, Oregon — A fish farmer has asked for state permission to raise a voracious tropical perch that grows to 6 feet in the wild but couldn't survive Oregon's cold water if it escaped. The Fish and Wildlife Commission is expected to request a study under a process used to allow tilapia farming two years ago. Robert Camel of Bend wants to raise barramundi at an indoor fish farm in Tumalo. ...
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Friday April 25, 2014    05:03 PM - Times viewed: 7600
ONTARIO, Ore. (AP) — Heavy rains in droughty Eastern Oregon set a one-day record in Ontario, dumping more than half an inch of moisture and stranding one motorist. The Argus Observer (http://bit.ly/RTqTX2) reports that drivers whose vehicles had higher clearance towed the motorist out of a "giant puddle" that submerged sidewalks along Fifth Avenue in the city at Oregon's far eastern edge. Th ...
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Friday April 25, 2014    05:01 PM - Times viewed: 7570
DURHAM, Ore. (AP) — After months of trying to get its problem-plagued online health exchange to work, Oregon on Friday officially gave up on the state portal and decided to switch to the federal website — the first state in the nation to do so. An early adapter and early enthusiast of the Affordable Care Act, Oregon was once seen as the national leader in health care reform. The progressive sta ...
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Friday April 25, 2014    09:48 AM - Times viewed: 7695
May is Oregon Wildfire Awareness Month, when fire educators spread the word on ways to prevent human-caused fires, as well as how to reduce the vulnerability of a home in the event a wildfire encroaches. 

"Creating defensible space around your home is the single most important thing you can do to help save your home from wildfire," says Interim Oregon State Fire Marshal Jim Walker. "The ...
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Friday April 25, 2014    08:49 AM - Times viewed: 7559
NORTH BEND, Wash. - A massive explosion and fire leveled one building and damaged several businesses in North Bend. Eastside Fire and Rescue spokesman Wes Collins says there have been two minor injuries. Firefighters are searching damaged buildings in North Bend, but they don't expect anyone was inside at the time. Collins says the blast may have been caused by a natural gas leak at a pizza ...
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Friday April 25, 2014    08:46 AM - Times viewed: 7640
WOODBURN, Oregon - UPDATE: * Traffic is getting past the scene using the left inside shoulder and left lane. Travelers may want to delay travel through the area or seek alternative routes. Traffic updates will be posted on ODOT's website TripCheck.com. * The deceased has been identified but next of kin not notified. The medical examiner is on scene assisting and coordinating removal of d ...
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Friday April 25, 2014    08:45 AM - Times viewed: 7623
PORTLAND, Oregon - Police Bureau Homicide detectives arrested a man in connection with a homicide earlier this month. 41-year-old Shawn Michael Sanchez was arrested and booked early this morning into the Multnomah County Jail on charges of Murder and Burglary in the First Degree. He will be arraigned sometime today. The charges stem from the stabbing death of 44-year-old Victor "Todd" Howe ...
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Friday April 25, 2014    08:43 AM - Times viewed: 7510
DURHAM, Ore. (AP) — Oregon is set to make a final decision on whether to become the first state in the nation to drop its problem-plagued online health exchange and link up with the federal website. Cover Oregon's board will decide Friday whether to approve an advisory committee's recommendation to ditch its troubled portal. Under that option, Oregon would use HealthCare.Gov for private policie ...

Friday April 25, 2014    08:31 AM - Times viewed: 7605
PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) — Jesuit High School in Portland has dropped plans to auction off a Bernese Mountain Dog puppy as part of a fundraiser. The school told KGW (http://bit.ly/RSqqEv ) it's responding to animal rights protesters who blasted the school on social media. The school says it disagrees but won't include the dog in the May 3 auction to protect the privacy of dog owners and breeders ...

Thursday April 24, 2014    10:29 AM - Times viewed: 7525
SEATTLE (AP) - The National Weather Service is warning of avalanches on the west slopes of the Cascades in Washington and Oregon Thursday morning because of heavy snow and rain in the mountains. Forecasters say wet, loose slabs of snow could avalanche in the area that includes Mount Hood and Mount Rainier. Hikers and climbers are advised to stay out of the back country. More mountain snow is ...
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Thursday April 24, 2014    10:27 AM - Times viewed: 7602
PORTLAND, Oregon - An ice cream shop was robbed twice in two weeks. But it's the latest robber's weapon of choice that made the crime unusual and terrifying. It happened at the Baskin-Robbins on Southwest Broadway across the street from Pioneer Courthouse Square. Katharine Pepin, 19, was getting ready to close the store just before 9 p.m. on Tuesday. She told police a man entered the store, ...
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Thursday April 24, 2014    10:21 AM - Times viewed: 7563
SALEM, Oregon - Oregon State Medical Examiner Dr. Karen Gunson released 2013 drug-related death statistics reflecting one fewer death from last year and a near 7 percent drop from 2012 when deaths reached their highest level since 2000. Preliminary drug-related death statistics showed the lowest number of Cocaine-related deaths and highest number of Methamphetamine-related deaths since 2000. 
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Thursday April 24, 2014    10:18 AM - Times viewed: 7547
PORTLAND, Oregon - Tomorrow, Friday April 25, 2014, at 6:00 p.m., the 2nd Annual Z-Man Scholarship Foundation - Talent Within competition will be held at City Bible Church, located at 9200 Northeast Fremont Street. 

This event is being hosted by the Z-Man Scholarship Foundation and the Portland Police Bureau Youth Services Division and being sponsored by City Bible Church, 98.7 FM "The ...
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Thursday April 24, 2014    10:10 AM - Times viewed: 7601
MEDFORD, Oregon — As many as six people beat and stabbed a Medford man who asked the neighbors to turn down loud music. The 39-year-old is at Providence Medford medical Center after emergency surgery. ...
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