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Tuesday March 9, 2010 - Times viewed: 7567
PORTLAND, Oregon - There are no fresh clues and U.S. Coast Guard helicopter crews have joined in the search for a Portland, Ore., hiker missing near Bonneville Dam in Washington since Thursday. Air crews joined a ground crew of about 50 searchers, some with dogs, looking 24 year old Katherine Huether. She has not been heard from since she sent a text message to a friend on Thursday afternoon. She told a friend she'd be home by 8 p.m. that night. But she did not return as planned and she was reported missing to Portland police Saturday evening. Huether is believed to have set out from the Pacific Crest trailhead Thursday at about 3 p.m.

Her car was found at the trailhead the next morning. Search crews then found a credit card receipt with Huether's name on it near Table Mountain. Christine Dixson, a friend of Huether's, said the receipt was found in an area she didn't expect Huether to reach. "She was going on a quick hike so I don't believe she would go as far as the receipt that was found that evening," Dixson said. Other than the car and receipt, there have been no clues as to Huether's whereabouts. Undersheriff Dave Cox said weather allowed helicopters from ...
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Monday March 8, 2010 - Times viewed: 7679
PORTLAND, Oregon - Portland police are still hunting the man accused of impersonating a police officer, the same man who kidnapped two women from downtown Portland after a concert on Thursday night.

Portland Police Detectives identified the suspect as 42-year-old Paul Evans Winklebleck, a registered sex offender with an outstanding warrant for sex abuse and a parole violation. He also uses the last name of Sullivan and Rose.

Winklebleck approached the two women as they were walking to their car and told them he worked for the Portland Police Bureau. The man said he wanted to help them because he said the women were drunk.

One of the women told police they refused and returned to their car, but the stranger insisted, stating the police were waiting for them if they drove away and that if they left their car in the lot, it would be towed.

The two women then allowed the man to drive their car because he claimed "he worked for the police and it was his job to get them home."

Portland police have stated they have no such officers working for the bureau.

The women said the man drove them through town, got onto I-5All southbound an ...
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Friday March 5, 2010 - Times viewed: 8065
SALEM, Oregon - A long police standoff in northwest Salem ended Thursday with police taking an identity theft suspect into custody. Salem police and FBI agents arrived at the Rosewood Lane Apartments on Marine Drive at about 11:30 a.m. to make contact with 37-year-old Adam Williams regarding theft and forgery charges, said Lt. Dave Okada. Williams refused to open the door and told police he had a hostage, weapons and possibly explosives, Okada said.

A SWAT team was called to assist as detectives tried to convince Williams to surrender. Officers said Williams refused to come out, leading them to fire several rounds of tear gas into the home. Williams continued to defy orders, police said, and at one point, he leaned out the window of the third-story apartment and yelled at officers. "Pretty much they were just pointing guns at the building for a while," said Dan Maslanik, who lives nearby. "They dumped tear gas in from both sides through the windows."

Okada said the SWAT team entered the apartment at about 4:45 p.m. through the front door, which was barricaded with furniture, and found Williams standing with two knives held to his throat. He was s ...
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Thursday March 4, 2010 - Times viewed: 7714
The cost of water and sewer costs are set to double. That's why private water wells are looking mighty attractive these days because they're mostly free and often cleaner and fresher than "city water". Portland residents have seen their sewer bills skyrocket over the past fifteen years and should now prepare for another very large increase. Water bills could double in the next few years. Water and sewer users are being asked to foot the bill for expensive, federally mandated infrastructure projects.

Rules from the US government are forcing residents of Portland to discontinue using five open reservoirs. Contaminants may get into our drinking water, according to Environmental Protection Agency officials, and make people sick.

Portland officials refused to cap reservoirs and made plans to build underground storage tanks. The 10-year project could cost $400 million. However, Portland could remove $100 million from the price if the EPA does not ask for or require a new water treatment plant.

Rules requires the Portland Water Bureau to either cover the open reservoirs in Mount Tabor and Washington parks or treat all of the water coming out of them to elim ...
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Tuesday March 2, 2010 - Times viewed: 7937
ASTORIA, Oregon - The 4-year-old daughter of Jesse Browning, one of the stars of The History Channel's "Ax Men", died tragically yesterday in Oregon after being mauled by one of the family's pet Rottweilers.

Jesse, whose father owns the "rowning Logging" company featured on the show, called 911 around 1 PM after the dog attacked his daughter Ashlynn at the family home, this according to Clatsop County Sheriff Tom Bergin.

Paramedics rushed to the home on Hillcrest Loop Road in Svensen and they worked quickly in hopes of saving Ashlynn Anderson's life, deputies said.

A Life Flight helicopter landed in a field near the home and took the girl to OHSU hospital in Portland. Ashlynn was pronounced dead when she arrived.

The dogs have been taken to the Clatsop County animal shelter, where they were quarantined.

The attack happened four months after officers had already taken a Rottweiler from the same home after it bit another family member.

The TV show "Ax Men" focuses on a logging company.

Browning said he does not want to see any more Rottweilers, "ever again". Detectives said they plan to conduct a follow-up inv ...
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Monday March 1, 2010 - Times viewed: 7653
TOLLGATE, Oregon - A search continues today for a 13-year-old boy who disappeared while on a cross-country ski trip in northeastern Oregon.

Blue Mountain Television reports that Nathan Cain of Walla Walla, Wash., was skiing with his father and some adult friends when he got separated from the group Saturday near the Andies Prairie Sno-Park area, in Union County.

Nathan is a seventh-grader at Rogers Adventist School in College Place, Wash., the school's principal, Jim C. Weller, told the station.

The sheriff's office confirmed a search was under way but released no further details.

Weller says crews looked for the boy throughout the night Saturday, when temperatures dropped to the 20s. He was dressed in a light jacket and blue jeans. The search continued Sunday, reportedly with the help of a helicopter, but was suspended for the night when darkness fell.

Weller said searchers did pick up his ski tracks but they died out after a while.

Andies Prairie is in the Umatilla National Forest, just off State Highway 204.

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Tuesday March 2, 2010 - Times viewed: 7596
Oregon voters will decide this November whether state lawmakers should hold annual legislative sessions. Lawmakers in Salem Thursday approved a plan to ask voters to change the state's constitution to allow annual legislative gatherings.

It was one of the final votes of this month's special session, which adjourned Thursday afternoon.

Democratic Senator Diane Rosenbaum said it's time that Oregon catches up with the rest of the country.

Diane Rosenbaum: “I am supporting this today because I think Oregonians want us to join the 45 other states that meet every year.”

If voters approve the change, lawmakers would meet about 5 months in odd-numbered years and just over a month in even-numbered years. That schedule was the subject of a last-minute showdown between the House and Senate, which delayed adjournment by about a day.

If voters approve the change, lawmakers would meet about 5 months in odd-numbered years and just over a month in even-numbered years.

That schedule was the subject of a last-minute showdown between the House and Senate, which delayed adjournment by about a day.

?When the Oregon Constitut ...
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Thursday February 25, 2010 - Times viewed: 7633
PORTLAND, Ore. - A woman who was struck and killed while trying to cross a street has been identified as 93-year-old Mary Waseko Kasubuschi of Portland.

The accident happened around 6:20 p.m. Wednesday in the area of Southeast Cesar E. Chavez Blvd. and Powell Blvd.

Kasubuchi died at the scene. Traffic was shut down for hours south of the intersection while the Portland Police Bureau Major Crash Team investigated the death.

Driver John Takacs, 59, of Portland cooperated with police and was not cited.

Police did not say how Kasubuchi ended up in the notoriously dangerous intersection. ...
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Wednesday February 24, 2010 - Times viewed: 7606
Amy Bartell, 14, ran away from the Parry Center for Children in southeast Portland Monday, and we alerted you about it on air an online. Tuesday morning, the girl was reported to be safe. Thank you to our viewers for being alert to another missing persons case.

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Monday February 22, 2010 - Times viewed: 7809
A Christian-based high school teacher has been arrested on suspicion of having sex with a 16 year old female student.

Scott A. Spies, 49, who teaches at the Auburn Adventist Academy, was arrested last week and booked into the Regional Justice Center in Kent, Washington and is being held on $150,000 bail for investigation of molestation, indecent liberties and sex with a minor girl, police said.

Scott Spies has since been fired, and school officials are helping the girl who was victimized in any way they can. Counselors are being provided for other students.

Meanwhile, faculty members at the close-knit school are reeling from the news that one of their own is suspected of having sex with a student.

"We were called in for a faculty meeting, and that's the first time I heard it," said teacher Tom Allen.

The Auburn police spokesman said the relationship allegedly started in February 2009, when the girl was 15 years old. He said it them became sexual last fall, after the student returned from a visit to Thailand.

The two had intercourse about 15 times - usually at Spies' apartment in Auburn, Colglazier said.

The sexual re ...
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Sunday February 21, 2010 - Times viewed: 7627
GRESHAM, Ore. – There are new details about the Clackamas County police sergeant who shot and killed his wife, her friend and himself at a downtown Gresham restaurant and lounge.

A spokesman for the Clark County Sheriff's Office confirms that his agency asked Portland police to investigate Jeff Grahn in April 2009. The results of that investigation have not been released. We now know police investigated him for domestic abuse 10 months ago. Police have previously stated that law enforcement investigations into Grahn's personal life would provide "no smoking gun."

We're told those results will be released when the investigation of the Gresham shooting is complete. However, the spokesman tells us the domestic abuse investigation did not result in any criminal charges being filed or disciplinary action being taken against Sergeant Grahn. Charlotte Grahn, who was fatally shot by her husband while out with friends Friday night, was a friendly and outgoing neighbor who had planned to take her daughter to Las Vegas for her 21st birthday.

Grahn shot and killed his wife Charlotte and her friend Katie Hoffmeister before killing himself at Gresham's M& ...
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Thursday February 18, 2010 - Times viewed: 7606
GRESHAM, Oregon - A man was killed when he was struck by a MAX train in Gresham last night. The accident occured at the intersection of 212th Avenue and Burnside around 10:15 p.m. The victim was 32-years old, but authorities have not released his name, pending notification of relatives.

The man was apparently walking in an area where trains travel at speeds up to 45 miles an hour. Police say he was standing between the rails in a poorly-lit section of the tracks and may have been a transient, police said.

The MAX operator said that by the time the pedestrian was spotted, it was impossible to stop the moving train in time to prevent hitting him.

The victim died at the scene, police said. The train that struck him was a westbound Blue-line MAX.

The train route was closed down for several hours during the investigation and buses shuttled riders to their destinations.

“He was standing erratically,” said Lt. Tony Silva with Transit Police. “Alcohol may be a factor in this, but we don't know yet." ...
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Wednesday February 17, 2010 - Times viewed: 7585
The Portland Police are under attack from many individuals and organizations. Some community leaders, even fearful of making their statements to the press are calling the police assassins and degenerates. The Rev. Jesse Jackson, a national civil rights figure, called the shooting death of an unarmed man an execution and slammed the lack of diversity in the city's police bureau at a rally in northeast Portland. Jackson held a press conference Tuesday evening before attending a community rally at Maranatha Church Fellowship Hall.

Jackson said his visit wasn't about race but about the difference between right and wrong. He talked about the killing last month in which 25-year-old unarmed Aaron Campbell was shot in the back by Officer Ronald Frashour outside a northeast Portland apartment complex. Police said they believed Campbell was armed at the time, but it turned out he did not have a gun. A grand jury chose not to indict the officer -- a decision Jackson criticized. He also condemned the lack of diversity in the Portland Police Bureau, saying "any city should have police departments representative of its people."

The Portland newspaper "The Scanner&quo ...
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Wednesday February 17, 2010 - Times viewed: 7618
The body of veteran climber Joseph Bohlig, 52, who fell 1,500ft into the crater of Mount St. Helens volcano has been recovered today after he spent more than a day in the snow. High winds and low cloud hampered attempts to reach him. He was was posing for a picture on the rim of the dormant crater when a snow overhang gave way beneath him.

A Navy helicopter found the climber mostly covered by snowfall on its second pass of the mountain.

Richard Bohlig, the climber's 84-year-old father, said: 'We're sorry that he's gone, that he didn't make it.

'He was doing something he enjoyed very much. That's all I can say.'

He said that his son was an avid mountaineer who had climbed peaks in many countries, but Mount St. Helens was his home mountain.

'He used to go up even before the eruption as a child, play in the snow and that,' he added.

Family members had gathered in Mr Bohlig's hometown of Kelso, Washington state, to await word on the search.

Skamania County undersheriff David Cox said an autopsy would be conducted to determine if Mr Bohlig died from his injuries, hypothermia, or a combination of factors.

He had taken off a layer of ...
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Monday February 15, 2010 - Times viewed: 11986
The website located at the URL of onlineedition.info seems to be a scam site operated by people making false claims. After receiving multiple complaints from our readers we decided to see what all the commotion was about. Customers leaving ads on CraigsList are receiving unwanted and unsolicited emails from that site. This is in violation of Craigslist.com and is nothing less than spam. It may also be illegal.

The website www.onlineedition.info goes by the name header of The Oregon Entreprener. However, the domain .info is not a standard top level domain, and is linked from another website called http://urlsh.eu, a European domain. But the domain onlineedition.info is registered as belonging to a company in Scottsdale Arizona.

The email forwarded to us from a reader went something like this:

"Today I was glancing at Craigslist and saw your ad. I realize this is not the easiest time job wise.

I wanted to explain to you a technique I use myself to earn up to $5,500 each and every month, putting in just a few hours every week in my apartment on my PC.

You have the ability to begin making decent cash quickly. I hope it works great for you.
< ...
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Monday February 15, 2010 - Times viewed: 7700
Portland Mayor Sam Adams, once the golden boy of Portland politics, is facing foreclosure and a possible recall. These are hard times for Mayor Sam Adams. Nearly three weeks after it started, the new effort to recall Mayor Sam Adams is reporting its first connections to organized politics. The idea that Republicans are behind the new recall effort should come as no shock to anyone.

The new recall effort was funded mainly by familar business names, and those who run large businesses or republican political campaigns. The previous recall effort failed to collect the necessary 32,183 valid Portland voter signatures within 90 days.

Unlike the unsuccessful drive, the new effort promised to collect enough money to hire professional campaign managers and pay petition circulators to gather enough signatures.

This newest recall effort began on January 20 by former Portland state Senator Avel Gordly and has collected about $19,000 in cash and like contributions. Under state law the expected recall effort cannot file paperwork until July 1, when Adams will have been in office six months. They then will have 90 days to get the 32,183 valid signatures on recall petitions ne ...
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Saturday February 13, 2010 - Times viewed: 7600
Friday night left two people dead and two wounded at a shooting at a downtown bar in Gresham.

At around 10 pm Gresham police were called because of reported gunshots at the M&M Tavern at 2nd and Main.

Police said they found several victims with gunshot wounds and witnesses said the shooting was a result of some sort of domestic dispute but no confirmation at this time has been made.

A witness, Tony Hadeed said, “I talked to some witnesses over there and they said there was some type of fight in the bar and somebody got a beer thrown in their face and then someone pulled a gun and shot two victims inside the M&M and then two people chased them out the back and the shooter turned around and shot them both, which I think are the victims that I saw.

Multiple police cars with lights were racing at high speed up and down Interstate 84 and on side streets in Gresham, apparently looking for a suspect in the case.

Police describe the suspect as a white male, 20 to 40 years old, 5 feet seven inches tall, and with short hair. The suspect was wearing a blue windbreaker and driving a silver Ford Escort.

About 30 to 40 witnesses we ...
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Friday February 12, 2010 - Times viewed: 7600
SALEM, Ore. -- Salem police have shot a 22-year-old man after he ran from a traffic stop early Friday morning. The incident began early this morning on Southeast Simpson Street when two officers attemped to stop a car identified as a vehicle of interest in a robbery case.

Several people were inside the car at the time and all but one ran off on foot before officers could speak with them, said Lt. Dave Okada in a police department news release. The two police officers, Corporal Justin Carney and Officer Vince Dawson, chased two of the men on foot.

During a confrontation between Dawson and Joshua Bruce, a shot was fired by police. Additional details were not immediately available. Bruce suffered a gunshot leg injury and was taken to Salem Hospital and was later arrested on an outstanding parole violating warrant.

Dawson and another officer were placed on administrative leave which is standard procedure following an officer-involved shooting, according to Salem Police.

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Thursday February 11, 2010 - Times viewed: 7604
CAPE MEARES, Ore. -- Two men have been arrested by the Oregon State Police for vandalizing the Cape Meares Lighthouse.

The lighthouse was severely damaged by gunfire that caused more than $500,000 damage.

Zachery Pyle , 23, and David Wilks, Jr., 26, were arrested at a Florence construction site after a search of their Oceanside home Wednesday. Both men were charged with first-degree criminal mischief, a class C felony, and four misdemeanor charges.

They are charged with firing gunshots at the light - which is nearly irreplaceable - breaking windows and damaging the expensive, specialized lens.

According to OSP Sergeant Todd Hoodenpyl, an unknown vehicle reportedly drove down a blocked maintenance road to the Cape Meares Lighthouse viewing area ten miles west of Tillamook at some time between the afternoon of January 9 and noon on January 10, 2010

Police said several rounds were fired at the lighthouse, breaking 15 windows and several pieces of a historic Fresnel lens. Additional rounds were fired into an active Coast Guard light and surrounding equipment. While driving off the maintenance road, the suspect vehicle caused significant damage to a ...
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Tuesday February 9, 2010 - Times viewed: 7645
KLAMATH FALLS, Ore. (AP) - Oregon State Police say a trooper who pulled over a car in southern Oregon for multiple traffic violations found 113 pounds of marijuana worth about $300,000. The pop was neatly packaged in the trunk.

Sgt. Julie Wilcox said that shortly before noon, a trooper stopped a 2008 Mazda heading north on Highway 97 about 18 miles north of Klamath Falls, after the driver failed to signal a lane change and was hindering traffic.

Arrested for distribution of a controlled substance is 26-year-old Ricardo Sanchez of Pasco, Wash. He was taken to the Klamath County Jail.

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Monday February 8, 2010 - Times viewed: 7653
EUGENE, Oregon -- Ben Bond from Eugene pleaded not guilty to obstruction of government or judicial administration in municipal court this past week involving parking meters. Or perhaps the fine was for talking too loud.

"I was just trying to keep a couple people from getting tickets," said Bond. He said he witnessed a parking officerAllpreparing to write a ticket for a car parked in downtown, so he fed the meter.

Melinda Kletzok with the Eugene Police Department said officers cited Benjamin Bond on suspicion of Harassment and Obstructing a Government Agency. Police were called to the scene because the meter enforcement officer felt she was being harassed -- not because Bond was plugging meters full of money, Kletzok said.

Kletzok said a parking control officer was in the middle of writing a parking citation when Bond came up and put money in the meter. The parking officer continued writing the citation anyway and put it on the car. The parking officer told city police Bond got upset, got in his car and followed the officer for several blocks while screaming out the window.

The officer called police, who arrived and cited Bond.

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Saturday February 6, 2010 - Times viewed: 7717
HILLSBORO -- A former day care owner was sentenced to 7 1/2 years in prison today for shaking a 6-month-old baby girl and causing permanent brain damage.

Kathy Goodin, 54, was convicted Tuesday and sentenced to more than seven years in prison for shaking 6-month-old Jessie Fleming in 2008, causing her permanent brain damage. Washington County Circuit Court Judge Rick Knapp called it a " sad chapter in everyone's case." She was sentenced to a mandatory-minimum sentence for the Measure 11 case.

Jessie was diagnosed with a subdural hematoma. The defense said the premature birth and Jessie's large head contributed to the diagnosis.

Goodin had no previous criminal record and declined to address the court before the judge sentenced her.

After the sentence, Goodin turned and faced more than a dozen supporters who said, "We love you" several times before she walked out of the courtroom.

After her prison term, Goodin cannot have contact with the Flemings.


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Friday February 5, 2010 - Times viewed: 7695
PORTLAND, Oregon - Should liquor be legal and marijuana illegal? State budgets in Oregon and Washington face gaping holes and advocates of legalizing marijuana say taxing pot can help fill those holes.

Backers of this Initiative say their plan would send 90 percent of the proceeds from the state's sale of marijuana to Oregon's General Fund, which could lower the state tax burden significantly. Portions of the revenue would be used to fund drug abuse education and treatment programs.

But right now, the people bringing this opportunity for Oregon voters forward, says their effort needs money, equipment, and, most of all, volunteers.

Madeline Martinez, Oregon’s executive director for NORML, the national organization that’s pushing to reform marijuana laws, says she sees a golden opportunity to convince people that legalizing marijuana could be a good thing after all.

“Why don’t we capture the revenue that’s just being lost to the criminal market in many regards and bring it to the people. We’re the ones who deserve it,” she says.

Her group estimates the Oregon Cannabis Tax Act, if passed by voters, would ge ...
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Thursday February 4, 2010 - Times viewed: 7645
Portland – A daughter of a 70-year-old Washington state man says she's stunned to hear her father was driving the speeding vehicle that crashed into a southern Nevada casino, killing two people and injuring at least eight.

Laura White of Portland said today that her father, Walter Melvin McGie Jr., is friendly and outgoing, and must be devastated to have been involved in the Wednesday crash at the Edgewater Hotel & Casino in Laughlin.

Las Vegas police arrested McGie, of Kelso, Wash., late Wednesday on two charges of reckless driving causing death. He's free on $6,000 bail pending arraignment March 11.

Police Detective William Redfairn says McGie told him he doesn't remember the crash.

Redfairn says a certified mechanic will check the 2007 Pontiac Vibe for mechanical problems.

THIS IS A BREAKING NEWS UPDATE. Check back soon for further information. AP's earlier story is below.

LAS VEGAS — A daughter of a 70-year-old Washington state man says she's stunned to hear her father was driving the speeding vehicle that crashed into a southern Nevada casino, killing two people and injuring at least eight.

Laura White of Portla ...
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Thursday February 4, 2010 - Times viewed: 7584
February 4, 2010

PORTLAND, Ore. - The killing of an unarmed man last Friday has created a controversy in the Portland community and prompted a grand jury investigation. Witnesses and residents are talking about the killing of an unarmed 25-year-old man and say the man was cooperating with police, had his hands over his head or on top of his head as requested but police officer Ronald Frashour shot him in the back last Friday night. A police spokesperson said the man was refusing to obey police orders and was a danger to the community.

At around 4:30 pm, police were called to the Sandy Terrace Apartments in the 12800 block of Northeast Sandy Boulevard. It was nearly 4:30 p.m. The person calling 9-1-1 said Aaron Marcell Campbell was suicidal and armed with a gun and that Campbell wanted to die from police gunfire.

Campbell’s girlfriend came out of the apartment and said her boyfriend was upset that his 23 year old brother, Timothy Douglass, had died earlier that day. She said three children were inside the apartment.

Police talked for nearly an hour with Campbell through text messages and at around 5:30 the children came out unharmed.

More ...
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Monday February 1, 2010 - Times viewed: 7729
TANGENT, Oregon - A commercial truck hit and killed a child in a jogging stroller on Highway 99E, between Corvallis and Lebanon.

The accident happened at about 10 a.m. Monday, near the intersections of Highway 99E and Old Highway 34 - near Tangent, west of I-5.

Police say 35-year-old Courtney Ayer was pushing her son's stroller while she jogged southward, in the northbound sidewalk. She came to a stop on the northeast corner of the intersection, still on the sidewalk, when the Freightliner truck driven by 37-year-old Marcus Coulter of Lebanon, ran into the stroller, killing her 2-and-a-half-year-old son, Dillon.

Courtney Ayer suffered minor injuries. Coulter, the truck driver, was not injured. It appears he had come to a stop, then attempted to turn right from Highway 34 onto 99E when his truck ran up onto the sidewalk and into the stroller.

The stroller and the little boy ended up in the northbound lanes of 99E, which were closed for a couple of hours while police, rescue, and highway crews processed the scene.

The northbound lanes of Highway 99E were closed while police, rescue and highway crews processed the scene. Those lanes re-opened b ...
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Friday January 29, 2010 - Times viewed: 7688
BEAVERTON – Police say a man used his finger and stole a small amount of cash and lottery tickets from a convenience store on Wednesday morning.

The unidentified man did not have a weapon or claim he had one, said Beaverton Police Detective Pam Yazzolino.

The man came into the store at 13875 SW Farmington Rd. at about 3:30 in the morning and walked behind the counter then demanded money. He never touched the female clerk, Yazzolino said.

The man then complained there wasn't enough money and when the cashier told him she didn't have access to additional cash, he stole a few lottery tickets.

He then left with just a small amount of money. He had been in the store a only few minutes before the robbery but left.

Plaid Pantry is offering $1,000 as a reward for information leading to an arrest, Yazzolino said. The man was described about 20 years old, 5-feet, 7, medium build.

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Friday January 29, 2010 - Times viewed: 7636
PORTLAND, Ore. - A man poured gasoline over his body then set himself on fire outside Nicholas Ungar Furs at 12th and Yamhill Wednesday morning. Police used a fire extinguisher to put out the flames. 26-year-old Daniel Schaull later died from his injuries at the hospital, police said. Schaull was pronounced dead last night at a local Portland hospital.

Firefighters arrived just after 11 a.m. to find Schaull significantly burned. Witnesses said they heard someone screaming for help, that they looked up and saw a man fully engulfed in flames, running down the street. Bystanders as well as police extinguished the flames and Schaull was transported to Legacy Emanuel Hospital with critical injuries.

It was not immediately clear whether Shaull was protesting against the store, which has had problem with animal rights activists in the past, but witnesses said he was screaming about the treatment of animals.

“There are animals dying! Animals dying!” witnesses said Shaull was screaming as flames engulfed his body and shot above his head.

All“He tried to run into the building,” said witness Mike Cheema who owns a food cart a few feet from ...
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Thursday January 28, 2010 - Times viewed: 7715
Oregon & Washington get $600 million for high-speed trains

January 28, 2010

WASHINGTON -- High-speed rail projects in Oregon and Washington are among the big winners of $8 billion in grants -- the start of what some Democrats tout as a national rail-building program that could rival the interstate highways begun in the Eisenhower era.

Thirteen rail corridors in 31 states received funds. The White House, which supplied a list of the grants to reporters late Wednesday, billed the program as "high-speed rail," although most U.S. projects won't reach the speeds seen in Europe and Asia.

Portland's Union Station will get more than $7 million for a seismic retrofit and roof repairs.All Other money will go to engineering studies for Oregon railroads and improvements in North Portland. Projects will include upgrades to exhisting track and signal systems as well as safety upgrades.

Combined, Oregon and Washington will get $598 million with the majority of it going to Washington state. Washington Senator Patty Murray said the money will increase the number of Amtrak passenger trains between Portland and Seattle from four to six. It will also ...
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Wednesday January 27, 2010 - Times viewed: 7622
Oregon has set aside its history of shooting down tax increases on statewide ballots, with voters endorsing higher taxes on businesses and the rich amid a brutal economic slump.

Democrats in the Oregon Legislature made it as easy as they could for the voters to raise taxes on somebody else, and the electorate responded Tuesday by approving Measures 66 and 67.

The increases approved Tuesday will hit people with taxable income upward of $125,000 - estimated at fewer than 3 percent of filers. Many businesses who had been paying an annual $10 minimum will see that rise to at least $150.

With 91 percent of the vote counted, the vote was 54-46 on Measure 66 and 53-47 on Measure 67.

Oregon voters have consistently rebuffed legislative attempts to take more in tax revenue - such as a cigarette tax to pay for health insurance for children three years ago, two previous income tax measures that would have hit most Oregonians and nine sales tax measures over the decades.

A Democratic legislative leader, Senate President Peter Courtney, said he was, just in case, preparing a statement acknowledging defeat just before the results were reported Tuesday.

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