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Thursday December 17, 2009 - Times viewed: 7653
PORTLAND, Ore. - Kyle Donnell Worley, 51, of Vancouver, Wash., a human resources manager for the federal Bureau of Land Management in Portland, made his first court appearance Wednesday, according to the U.S. Department of Justice. He was arrested Tuesday and charged with trying to lure a minor to have sex with him and sending obscene video to her. Police allege Worley tried to solicit sex from a 14-year-old girl he met on the Internet and also sent her racy images. They said the girl’s stepfather discovered his communications with her and posed as the girl to get more. He then called police. Investigators said they were able to trace the communications to Worley. Investigators said Worley met the girl on the social networking Web site and exchanged explicit e-mails and texts. At first investigators said he told her he was 17 but then later confessed his real age. Documents showed the communications were traced to e-mail, Twitter, and other online accounts under the screen name HRNYMAN541. The paper reported those sites were visited from a BLM computer, which was traced to Worley. Investigators then posed as the girl in November to gather evidence against W ...
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Wednesday December 16, 2009 - Times viewed: 7712
An investigation into a counterfeit ring led officers to find phony cash and money-making equipment when they searched a northwest Gresham home, police said Tuesday. For weeks, Walter Williams and Debbie Ilar were using real $5 bills to make fake $100 bills, according to the Gresham Police Department. Officers said they found several laptop computers, a color printer, memory cards and pages worth of phony $100 bills when they served a search warrant with the Secret Service on Dec. 10. Police said the couple passed the phony cash at Kohl's and Fred Meyer in Wood Village. A fake bill also showed up at the Mount Hood Theater, according to police. "I lifted up the till to grab a $20 bill to change out some fives and I was like, 'Oh my God. This is fake.' It was a $100 bill," said Brenda Kerr, who works at the theater but was not the employee to accept the fake cash. By the time Kerr found the bill in the till, the couple was gone. "They bought $6 worth of candy and took the change," Kerr said. Investigators have not said how many fake $100 bills were produced by the couple. Because the phony cash was printed on real $5 bills, counterfeit pens may not have ind ...
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Tuesday December 15, 2009 - Times viewed: 7663
MOUNT HOOD, Oregon - The massive search effort to locate a pair of stranded climbers high on Mount Hood stretches into its fourth day today with no sign or clue of the young man and woman. Volunteer searchers are convening about 7 a.m. for their first meeting of the day. They are expected to review the weather forecast for the mountain and decide whether to dispatch search and rescue crews up the mountain to find Katie Nolan, 29, of Southeast Portland; and Anthony Vietti, 25, of Longview, Wash., who headed toward the summit early Friday morning and were never seen again. Unlike the past three days, when the Black Iron Grill in the Wy’East Day Lodge was filled with mountain rescuers, this morning it is empty. Outside a steady snow continues to fall at Timberline Lodge. The lack of activity marks a significant change from the past few days. Officials with Portland Mountain Rescue and the Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office are expected to make an announcement at 10 a.m. about future search efforts. "This is still a search and rescue mission, absolutely," said Detective Jim Strovink, a Clackamas County sheriff's spokesman. Where Monday's conditions improved for ...
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Friday December 11, 2009 - Times viewed: 7608
A 3-month-old kitten rode beneath a SUV for more than 120 miles Wednesday. Marc Lichty left Olympia, Wash., in his SUV after finishing up a day of work. Along the way to Tualatin, he stopped at a rest stop and heard meowing. Lichty, however, couldn't find any trace of a cat. When he returned home to Tualatin, he stepped out of the car and heard the meowing again, leading him to grab a flashlight. "Sure enough, the cat was up underneath in the spare tire spot up there," Lichty said."He shined the light and I just saw this little guy's face there so we tried to get him out and coaxed him with a little piece of salmon," said Jenna Lichty, Marc's daughter. "I pulled him right out." Sub-freezing temperatures reached the teens in the Pacific Northwest this week, which likely made for a chilly ride down Interstate 5 on Wednesday. "It was pretty cold. I can't imagine traveling 75 miles down the freeway and it being 20 degrees out," Lichty said. The cat does not have a micro chip and was not wearing a collar. The Lichtys called Olympia businesses in the area where Lichty was working Wednesday, but they were unsuccessful in finding the owner. Th ...
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Thursday December 10, 2009 - Times viewed: 8009
The Secretary of State Elections Division is investigating whether a West Linn neighborhood association president broke any rules by circulating e-mails in support of an ongoing recall campaign.Hidden Springs Neighborhood Association President Lynn Fox is accused of abusing her position by promoting the recall of council president Jody Carson and councilors John Kovash and Scott Burgess. She didn’t respond to a request for comment.The investigation stems from a complaint filed by another neighborhood association president, Dean Suhr of Rosemont Summit. He believes Fox “misbehaved” not only by promoting the recall to Hidden Springs residents, but also by “attempting to influence” other neighborhood association presidents, and through them, the residents of other neighborhoods.“She asked people to go to the organizing meeting for the recall election and, subsequent to that, asked people to pick up petitions and carry them out to get the recall issue on the ballot,” Suhr said during an interview last week.In his written complaint, Suhr points to an October e-mail Fox forwarded to her membership list from recall organizers as one violation o ...
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Tuesday December 8, 2009 - Times viewed: 7636
December 8 2009PORTLAND, Ore. - The city of Portland, the Oregon Department of Transportation, and TriMet said Monday they’re working together to make sure they are prepared for a major winter storm. During a winter storm people will notice fewer roads closed and bus and MAX service will be uninterrupted because of the new coordinated effort, according to Portland Mayor Sam Adams. This is in contrast to last year’s arctic blast that shut down roads and transit for days. Unlike last year, city and ODOT crews got out ahead of this winter’s blast and began spraying de-icer on roads. ODOT said it has beefed up its resources to make sure streets remain open across the region. “We have 35,000 gallons (of de-icer) more that will be available this year than we had in the past,” said Jason Tell, ODOT’s Region 1 manager. “That’s one issue that’s happened at times. When there is a big storm event everyone wants that de-icer. This will make sure we have some on hand.” The city and ODOT have also mapped their priority areas to make sure they are de-iced, plowed and graveled first. Those areas mostly include bridges and busy i ...
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Monday December 7, 2009 - Times viewed: 7676


I could be wrong but it seems this year PetCo Stores is saying HUMBUG to the Christmas spirit by declining to donate unused, ripped, dented, or pet food that otherwise cannot be sold to the public. Tamara (Tammy), store manager at the Lake Oswego, Oregon PetCo store told our volunteer she would not or could not participate. Perhaps the owners of PetCo have given her strict orders not to cooperate with local non-profit organizations. We later contacted the store manager and asked her if it was true the store has refused. She wouldn't give us any information other than to confirm the refusal. She also refused to give her last name or the name of the district manager, or any additional information. Again, I could be wrong but it sounds to me the store is a bit paranoid. We then contacted the corporate office to ask about such policies. The corporate rep, who also refused to be identified, told me that PetCo wasn't interested and would not talk about it. Okay. Seems pretty clear to me that PetCo has no interest in this regard as they may need to simply hurry to fill those cash registers. I hope I'm wrong. All only need to contact us at the location I gave the ...
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Sunday December 6, 2009 - Times viewed: 7650
PORTLAND, Oregon - Frosty temperatures covered the Portland metro area this weekend as waves of cold air rolled over the Northwest.

The first in a series of cold-weather systems arrived Friday night. Snow is not expected, but there is a chance of flurries in the northern valleys and a slight chance of measurable snow in the Cascades. Temperatures will stay below freezing in the Willamette Valley and Clark County today and Monday. Overnight temperatures will drop as easterly winds increase. Wind chill values are forecast to be in the single digits, according to the National Weather Service. Wind gusts of up to 50 mph are are expected in the Columbia River Gorge. The cold air is forecast to stay until at least Tuesday.

Preparing Homes For Cold Weather The Portland Water Bureau is offering these tips to help people prepare for the cold weather:

Set the furnace on a low setting if the house will be empty for several days. T ...
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Thursday December 3, 2009 - Times viewed: 7637
TANGENT, Ore.All- A preschool teacher has been arrested on two counts of third-degree misdemeanor sex abuse, police say. According to Linn County Sheriff Tim Mueller, "They were the kind of thing that you might read in Penthouse Forum," Mueller said. "They were X-rated."

Jenifer Stitzel, 34, is alleged to have sent sexual content via text message to a 14-year-old boy, and is also said to have had inappropriate contact - including kissing - with the boy, who is an eighth grad student. Mueller said that Stitzel, who lives in Albany, is married. With no criminal history and because suffers from diabetes, she was booked into Linn County Jail and released on her own recognizance on the condition that she have no contact with the boy. The text messages were discovered by the boy’s parents and reported Nov. 29. The parents called the principal and, as mandatory reporters, the school contacted the sheriff’s office.

Jenifer (Brown) graduated from West Albany High School in Albany, OR, ...
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Wednesday December 2, 2009 - Times viewed: 7645
U.S. health experts say it appears the number of cases for this wave of the swine flu outbreak has peaked.

"We're going from a time where there was a lot of disease and not a lot of vaccine, to a time when the disease is decreasing," says the Centers for Disease Control's Dr. Thomas R. Frieden.

Still, the CDC says the virus still poses a threat with widespread cases in 32 states and deaths still being reported.

Since August at least 234 children have died from swine flu, along with nearly 1,000 adults nationwide.

Special: Swine flu resources and information

CDC experts say it appears the virus peaked in mid-October, in part, because vaccine production increased along with the number of people getting flu shots.

In Oregon during the past week, 59 people were hospitalized and three died from swine flu, according to state public health officials. Since Sept. 1, 1,242 people have been hospitalized and 52 have died.

There are nearly 70 million doses of vaccine now available, and the CDC is urging children, pregnant women and other Americans who fall into a priority group to get vaccinated if they have not already.

Experts ...
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Tuesday December 1, 2009 - Times viewed: 7701
PORTLAND, Oregon - According to Kay Williford, TriMet discriminated against her because a driver wouldn’t allow her to board with her service dog. She says this caused her to miss an important surgery appointment.

The LIFT service is for people who need door-to-door service because they are unable to ride buses or MAX trains due to a disability or a disabling health condition

Kay Williford said her 5-month-old service dog in training, Sweetie, is young but is well-behaved. She said her dog goes everywhere she does.

“I have epilepsy and a spinal injury and so taking an animal to protect me is something I need help with,” she said.

Williford said in the five years she’s used TriMet’s LIFT vehicle to take her to important appointments she’s never had a problem.

Williford said she’s boarded the same way: She takes the lift while her service dog takes the stairs. She said she gives her dog’s leash to the driver who walks the dog up the stairs.

But on Monday morning, Williford said the driver didn’t agree.

“He starts to flip out [and says] ‘no, that c ...
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Monday November 30, 2009 - Times viewed: 7661
SALEM, Ore. - Oregon Attorney General John Kroger today announced that the Oregon Department of Justice has filed tax evasion charges against Bill and Cindy Sizemore.


The Sizemores were each indicted by a grand jury on three counts of Oregon Personal Income Tax Evasion.  The indictment alleges that Bill and Cindy Sizemore each failed to file tax returns for the tax years 2006, 2007 and 2008.


The indictments were issued by the grand jury on Oct. 27, but not unsealed until after the state tax amnesty period ended Nov. 19. Late last week, Oregon Department of Revenue officials confirmed that the Sizemores did not seek to take advantage of the tax amnesty, which was an opportunity for taxpayers to file or amend tax returns in exchange for a waiver of civil penalties and partial interest.


This is the second tax evasion case filed by the Oregon Department of Justice since the end of the amnesty period. On Nov. 20, two counts of Oregon Personal Income Tax Evasion and two counts of Unlawful Manufacture and Delivery of Marijuana were filed against Michael Troy Dyer of West Salem.


All criminal def ...
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Sunday November 29, 2009 - Times viewed: 7695
Portland’s Water Bureau has officially warned customers on the west side of the Willamette River to boil their drinking water because too avoid possible E. coli contamination which was discovered last week in a Washington Park reservoir.

The boil-water warning affects about 50,000 Portland water customers in the Valley View, Burlington and Palatine Hill water districts and customers of the Portland Water Bureau. Bureau officials sent notices to the water district customers late last week. Those using water well probably do not need to boil their water.

All tap water in the districts and other parts of the region receiving water from the reservoir used for drinking, food preparation and ice should be boiled for at least a minute. Ice or any beverages prepared with unboiled tap water should be discarded.

Water bureau officials hope to have the situation cleared up within a day or two. Although the specific strain of E. coli is not known, generally the worst strains that are associated by the public with serious illness are not those found in water supplies. “If there are health effects from drinking water contamination, we expect them to be diarrhea a ...
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Saturday November 28, 2009 - Times viewed: 7671
The Clackamas County deputy medical examiner is investigating Saturday morning’s grisly discovery of a human body found in the Willamette River on the Lake Oswego side of Hogg Island.

Clackamas County sheriff’s deputies said a fishing guide and his clients discovered the body at about 9:30 a.m. The body was entangled in a large jumble of sticks floating on the river.

The sheriff's office marine unit towed the floating debris and human remains to the east side of the river at the Oak Grove Boulevard boat ramp. That’s where the medical examiner was checking the remains.

Investigators said the corpse appears to have been in the water for a long time. The gender of this corpse is not known. A forensic autopsy is anticipated to help answer that question and provide more information about the person’s identity. ...
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Friday November 27, 2009 - Times viewed: 7665
YAKIMA, Wash. - There has been an arrest in the murder of a 14-year-old Sunnyside girl.

Francisca Hernandez-Ramirez disappeared last October. Her parents say she went to a party and never came home. Her body was found near Prosser in the Yakima River in February.

Police had a suspect in mind, 22-year-old Jesus Perales, but he fled to California.

Benton County Sheriff’s Office located her body in the Yakima River. Since had last been seen on October 20, 2008. This investigation had been conducted with the assistance of the Pasco Police Department, Yakima County Sheriff’s Office, Benton County Sheriff’s Office, Roza Irrigation District, Sunnyside Valley Irrigation District, Yakima County Search and Rescue, FBI, Port of Seattle Police Department and a private firm out of King County called VideoRay.

" The information we have going back to spring of this year, it wasn't until late last week that detectives with the violent crimes task force, working on another matter, developed information that indicated the suspect had returned to the Yakima Valley," said Stew Graham with the Yakima Sheriff's Office.

Pe ...
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Wednesday November 25, 2009 - Times viewed: 7823
A Vancouver driver was involved in a Tuesday night two-vehicle crash in Dayton, Ore., that killed a 13-year-old girl.

Jolan Miller, 33, of Vancouver was not injured. A passenger of a second vehicle, Kalie Mosgrove, of Dayton died at the scene. Kalie was a Pirate Pride award winner at her Dayton Junior High School. Kalie's mother, Connie Mosgrove, 47, of Dayton suffered critical injuries and was transported by Life Flight to Portland's Legacy Emanuel Hospital.

The crash happened at 8:10 p.m. at the west end of Dayton, about seven miles east of McMinnville. Connie Mosgrove was driving a van and attempting to cross Highway 18 from Southeast Ash Street. That's when her van was struck on the passenger side by Miller's eastbound truck pulling a trailer, according to an Oregon State Police bulletin.

Both vehicles came to rest on opposite sides of Highway 18.

OSP troopers are continuing to investigate. ...
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Tuesday November 24, 2009 - Times viewed: 8034
Katelynn Johnson remembers a full soda bottle whizzing past her head shortly after Oregon's dramatic win over the Arizona Wildcats on Saturday, Ducks cheerleader

"We were waiting for the players to get off the field through this narrow opening, and we were cheering and waiting," the 21-year-old senior said Monday. "Stuff was flying in every direction, and the players were getting hit."

Then something struck her, said Johnson, a sociology major who plans to move to New York City to work as a model and a nanny when she graduates next spring.

"I thought, 'Ow, my head,'" she said, just as a University of Arizona police officer yelled at the cheerleaders to grab their stuff and move to the center of the field to get away from flying debris. 

As Johnson moved, fellow cheerleader Nick Brown asked her if she was OK. "I guess I didn't look right."

Johnson collapsed on the field. Those around her said she was struck squarely in the head by a bottle of water. Technicians tended to Johnson for several minutes before she was taken away.

"There were ma ...
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Friday November 20, 2009 - Times viewed: 7671
Oregon homeowners have the 31st highest rate in the nation of mortgage foreclosures or loans that are three months past due, according to the Mortgage Bankers Association report for the third quarter of 2009. The report released Thursday, Nov. 19, shows that 5.7 percent of all Oregon homeowners with mortgages were either in foreclosure or were more than three months behind in payments from July through September. Nationally, the rate was 8.9 percent.

Among Oregonians with weak credit who took out subprime loans, 23.3 percent were either in foreclosure or at least three months behind on payments during the third quarter. The national rate was 28.7 percent.

Among Oregonians with prime loans, 3.9 percent had similar problems, while the national rate was 6.3 percent.

During the third quarter, Oregon had the nation's 44th-highest rate of homeowners who were late on their payments, and the 21st-highest rate of homeowners in foreclosure, according to the Mortgage Bankers Association.

Oregon has a lower-than-average number of homeowners with subprime loans, but a higher-than-average number of homeowners with alternative or "Alt A" loans. Those include ...
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Thursday November 19, 2009 - Times viewed: 7691
PORTLAND, Ore. -- Vandals sprayed graffiti on Keller Auditorium in downtown Portland ahead of a visit by former Vice President Al Gore. A spokeswoman for the auditorium said there were several areas where graffiti was found by police. She said two exterior walls were hit as well as sidewalks and the entrance to the building.

One message said, "Change the system, not your light bulbs." Another message said, "Don't buy false solutions." Gore will be discussing climate change at the auditorium Wednesday night. The auditorium spokeswoman said the graffiti is likely related to Gore's visit. "It's under investigation by police and they haven't shared any of that information with us," she said. "But that's the assumption that it's related to tonight's speaker."

A group named Americans for Prosperity plans to hold an event across the street from the auditorium to show a counter-point to Gore's message. However, the group condemned the overnight vandalism. Gore authored the book "An Inconvenient Truth." The best-seller touched on the threat of and the solutions to global warming. He is now promoting his new book entitled &quo ...
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Tuesday November 17, 2009 - Times viewed: 7744
PORTLAND, Oregon - Powerful winds blew across the coast Monday night, reaching nearly 100 mph in some areas and causing significant damage to a building under renovation in Seaside. Power flickered off and on in Seaside at about 10 p.m. and flooding on Highway 101 forced ODOT earlier in the day to conditionally close a portion of the highway just south of Seaside to low-profile vehicles after water rose to over a foot. One car from California stalled and had to get help from a tow truck. "We saw another car go through, so we thought we could go through also", said the driver of the car. Seaside police struggled in the wind to close off one block of Broadway Avenue after a huge gust of wind tore off part of the old courthouse's roof that's under renovation and blew wood and debris 40 feet into the street. Obviously, this (the roof) wasn't completely done and the weather, I think, caught up to them", said Robert Gross, Seaside police chief. "The wind, as you can see tonight, is pretty strong and it got underneath and took part of that roof off". Police decided to leave the debris where it was for the time being because they said they are concerned that with several hours of high w ...
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Monday November 16, 2009 - Times viewed: 7699
At least for now young students have a new school. Teachers and staff from Marysville Elementary School stream into Rose City Park Elementary. School buses are pulling up to the school, giving students a first glimpse of their new surroundings.

Banners welcoming students hang over the entrance to the building.

Volunteers spent all weekend getting the huge building all cleaned up and kid-friendly again. It was closed two years ago due to budget cuts.


Teachers say they think the kids will love their temporary school because it's three stories tall.  Marysville was only one story tall.

As students arrived, electricians were working on one last detail: turning on exterior lights. "This is the last thing," said Portland schools electrician Bob Jacobs.

Over the weekend, scores of volunteers descended on the school to get it ready for Marysville students.

Marysville’s head custodian said the fire appeared concentrated in kindergarten and third grade classrooms. She said fire alarms went off during lunch period and the children filed out in an orderly fashion.

The custodian al ...
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Saturday November 14, 2009 - Times viewed: 7771
Oregon was the first state to de-criminalize marijuana, first to introduce the Bottle Bill, and Oregon has now opened another chapter in U.S. marijuana history when on Friday 13th, about three dozen people christened the nation's first cafe for licensed residentsto sit down, sip coffee and smoke marijuana. "Welcome to a place of our own," said Madeline Martinez, a leader in the state's medical marijuana movement and the leading force pushing to open the Cannabis Cafe in Portland. "Welcome to freedom." Excited patrons spilled down the outside steps at 700 N.E. Dekum St. as the cafe prepared to open at the appointed hour -- "420" being slang for using marijuana. In line were military veterans, grandmothers, young workers, men and women, old and young, black, white and Latino. Gordon Cederholm, 45, of Milwaukie has lived with HIV for 25 years and said he was skeptical about using marijuana as medicine when he got his Oregon card less than a year ago. "At first, I thought: What does being a pothead have to do with it?'" he said. "I didn't know the benefits in marijuana. Now, I find that I'm a better person when I smoke." Kris Koa, 57, a retired nurse from Gresham, rode the bus ...
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Friday November 13, 2009 - Times viewed: 7742
BAKER CITY, Oregon - Nearly everyone aboard a van carrying was thrown from the van when it rolled several times on an icy Oregon highway and killed two of 16 Colorado church members. 14 survivors, all young, were injured, some critically. The van ran out of control and rolled on I84 near Baker City in eastern Oregon. Their church in Federal Heights, Colorado, held a candlelight vigil. 20-year old Joshua John Pischura, of Geneva, Ohio, died shortly after the van crashed and Taune Nicole Winter Pepper, 23, of Deer Trail, Colorado, died Thursday afternoon after being flown to a Boise, Idaho hospital, authorities said. Five other passengers with serious or critical injuries were also flown to Boise. Three were taken to a hospital in La Grande, Ore.; and six were treated and released from St. Elizabeth Health Services in Baker City, Oregon State Police said. State police said they believe that at least 13 of those aboard were ejected during the crash. The nine women and seven men were members of the Rocky Mountain Masters Commission, a training program affiliated with the New Life Worship Center, said Christy Gimer, center spokeswoman. They were on their way to a conference in Po ...
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Thursday November 12, 2009 - Times viewed: 7764
BETHANY, Ore. – Suffering from depression, according to police, a Bethany man shot and killed his wife and nine-year-old son before killing himself, police said. Mukesh Suthar, his wife, Varsha and their son, Ronak, were found dead at the NW Oak Creek residence of the Bethany neighborhood. Police released the names to the media on Thursday. Detectives said they believe that Mukesh shot his 39-year-old wife and his son, then shot himself with a handgun. All three were pronounced deceased at the scene. Chandubhai Suthar of San Jose, Calif. told the Oregonian newspaper that he was the father of Mukesh. He said he called authorities on Tuesday, Nov. 10, after not speaking with his family for a longer-than-usual period. On Wednesday evening, Thompson said all the evidence pointed to murder-suicide. People who knew the family that lived in the home, and claimed to be friends, told investigators that it was a family of three – a husband, wife and child. A forensic analysis would confirm the conclusive evidence, Thompson said, adding, “at this point it's clear that's what happened inside the house.” Neighbors were shocked and described the community as very ...
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Wednesday November 11, 2009 - Times viewed: 7759
TUALATIN -- In Tualatin a man with a rifle opened fire, killing his wife and injuring two of her co-workers. The gunman fired multiple shots inside Legacy MetroLab-Tualatin shortly before noon, said Tualatin Police Chief Kent Barker. The shooter was found dead at the scene, apparently of a self-inflicted gunshot wound, Barker said. A 63-year-old man with multiple gunshot wounds was flown ...

Tuesday November 10, 2009 - Times viewed: 7655
PORTLAND, Oregon - Fire crews raced to a school in Southeast Portland Tuesday afternoon. All students and staff have been accounted for and no injuries have been reported. Flames and heavy dark smoke poured from the Marysville Elementary School the school just before noon. The school has an enrollment of 460 students. The fire quickly went to three alarms. All children are reported to have been evacuated and are safe.The school facilitates student in kindergarten through eighth grade. At 85 years old, it is one of the oldest schools in the city. Fire alarms reportedly rang as the fire began, prompting an orderly evacuation. One witness said she thinks the fire started near a gymnasium. Another woman who lives near the school and was once a student said she smelled a burning odor before the fire broke out. ...
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Monday November 9, 2009 - Times viewed: 7796
Father of seven children, ages 3 to 14, had been reported missing near Breitenbush Lake. A rescue team on snowmobiles called off their search Saturday night but resumed on Sunday when they found Mark Shaver, 43, of Eagle Creek and his children in good condition. Sixteen inches of snow had fallen around them and the family van was stuck. The sheriff's office says Shaver had extensive survival training and frequently camps with his children. Mark Shaver and his kids slept in the van for two nights until they were rescued unharmed early Sunday by the Marion County Sheriff's Office. The children included a 3-year-old and 5-year-old, and the oldest was 14. By the time rescuers reached the family, the snow was estimated to be more than 30 inches deep in some areas, according to Lt. Sheila Lorance, a spokeswoman for the sheriff's office. Shaver had no cell phone. But he and his family were otherwise well-prepared for two nights in the snow. "They had warm clothes," Lorance said. "They had food and shelter. They did some of the right things." Shaver is an experienced outdoorsman with wilderness survival training. It's not unusual for him to take the entire fami ...
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Sunday November 8, 2009 - Times viewed: 7857
Clackamas County is scheduled to open its H1N1 flu clinic Tuesday through Thursday from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. The plan is to distribute vaccine to those in priority groups. All forms of vaccine will be available on these days. The clinic is located at 168 Warner-Milne Road in Oregon City at Red Soils campus. The clinic will be located next to the OSU extension building and just across the entrance to Portland General Electric. They will accept walk-ins from the only. There is an effort to streamline the vaccination process, reduce traffic congestion and cut back on waiting periods. The clinic will issue time-stamped tickets. The World Health Organization's flu chief said the swine flu virus has now become the predominant flu strain worldwide. In some countries, swine flu accounts for up to 70 percent of the flu viruses being sampled, said Dr. Keiji Fukuda, WHO's top flu official. While most people recover from the illness without needing medical treatment, officials are also continuing to see severe cases in people under 65 ? people who are not usually at risk during regular flu seasons. "We remain quite concerned about the patterns that we're seeing," Fukuda s ...
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Saturday November 7, 2009 - Times viewed: 7877
SALEM, Oregon - Oregon State police arrested a for driving while drunk after he called 911 to report his marijuana ahad been stolen. However, the 911 dispatcher had trouble understand understanding him because he was vomiting as he was driving and attempting to explain what he wanted. Hoover told the 911 operator he was angry because someone had broken into his parked truck at a local tavern in Salem and taken an expensive jackeet, $400 in cash and some of his marijuana. Deputies drove to Hoover's home but couldn't locate him. Then Hoover called 911 once again to complain that deputies had not arrived. The 911 dispatcher had trouble understanding Hoover because he was driving and stopping several times to vomit. He was driving, upset that authorities were not working harder to recover his stuff. Deputies found Hoover's truck then Hoover himself who was walking nearby. He told officers he was looking for " .. the jerks stole my truck." He was arrested on the spot for driving under the influence. 21,000 people have Medical marijuana permits in Oregon. There was no immmediately suggesting that Hoover had such a medical permit. ...
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Friday November 6, 2009 - Times viewed: 7838
PORTLAND, Oregon - Detectives found the bodies of two adults and a child in Southeast Portland Thursday. It happened at the home on SE 123rd Avenue south of Stark Street. Police confirmed the discovery of three bodies at 10 a.m. Portland Police identified the three as 29-year-old Ceantwan Lorenzo Barr, 28-year-old Tameka Yvonne Medina, and 4-year-old Ashawn Medina-Barr. A man claiming to be a relative of one of the victims said the alleged shooter and his longtime girlfriend were going through a breakup. He said he thinks the shooting occurred days ago. The bodies were discovered Thursday when a family member gained entry to the rental house with the landlord. Detectives think the man shot the woman and the child then took his own life with a handgun found at the scene. A missing persons report was filed Wednesday night, but police said they did not have justification to enter the house. ...
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