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Tuesday August 4 2015 10:50 AM    
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Kyrgyz protesters unblock Canadian gold mine

Saturday June 1, 2013    5:08 AM

BISHKEK, Kyrgyzstan (AP) Protesters have lifted their blockade of a Canadian gold mine in Kyrgyzstan's east, but their supporters in the south are continuing their siege of a local governor's headquarters.

Hundreds of stone-throwing protesters besieged the Kumtor gold mine, operated by Toronto-based Centerra Gold, for several days, demanding its nationalization and more social benefits. They blocked a road leading to the mine and cut power supplies. On Friday, more than 50 people were wounded and 80 detained in violent clashes between protesters and riot police.

The Kyrgyz government said Saturday that protesters have unblocked the road and electricity supply to the mine was restored.

But protesters in the southern city of Jalal-Abad who stormed the governor's office Friday have retained control of the building.

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