Oswald Shot JFK
       by aubra salt  november 22, 2007

There’s no doubt about it. Forty four years ago today on November 22, 1963, Lee Harvey Oswald shot and killed President John F. Kennedy. I know because I was there in the room with Oswald.

Well, okay, so I wasn’t there, in 1963 with Oswald but I was there standing at the window (as seen in the photo to the right) exactly twenty years later to the second, during the last planned Dallas memorial celebration, the last and the biggest memorial. Dallas wanted to finally bury JFK. There were too many egos, so much blame placed on Dallas and this, they thought, would put it all to rest.

And I was the only person in the window, on the sixth floor, during that last day. I had waited until the last moment to ask authorities if it might be possible to visit the room. To my great surprise I was welcome. Of course, it helped to be a member of the press, helpless and naive. So I was surprised and quite delighted to see myself taking on old elevator up to the sixth floor. I was told by the manager that this would be the last time the sixth floor would be available to the press or the public. It would soon be turned into a museum.

Aubra Salt exactly 20 years to the minute after Lee Harvey Oswald shot John F Kennedy on the sixth floor of the Texas School Book Depository Building in Dallas, Texas.

I stood in front of the window where Oswald shot Kennedy, exactly 20 years later, to the second. My camera on a tripod caught my image standing with a sense of awe near the window where Oswald had spent his infamous three bullets. Pieces of brick were missing to the left of the window where souvenir hunters had apparently removed chucks to show their friends. I stood a couple inches from the window and look down at the gathered crowd. There were thousands of people staring upward, through the window, their eyes on my form six floor upward. I wondered what they were thinking.

The tragic moment crept forward engulfing everyone. It was now exactly 12:30 pm on November 22, 1983. I was standing in the exact spot where Oswald had knelt when he pulled the trigger that had shattered the sound of the motorcade. The moment was now; we all knew this was the instant when Kennedy's head had exploded from Oswald's third bullet, captured by Zapruders handy super 8mm camera. I felt those proverbial neck hairs stand on end. It was eerie. The air was thick with tension, and that feeling of deja vu. Near the window I nearly lost my balance for fear of dodging an imaginary bullet. A few moments ago hundreds of people below on the street were talking, shouting, moving around. But at this moment, the death moment, there was nothing but silence.

My mind drifted back twenty years during that day when our high school principal rushed into our journalism class to tell us that Kennedy had been assassinated. Most of us believed Oswald could not have acted alone, that there must have been a conspiracy. When there's so much factual evidence against one person it's very difficult to believe that all of it could be fabricated.

It surprises me that many people I talk to have never heard of a man that Lee Oswald tried to murder, a man by the name of Major Walker. This is not disputed. Most people don't even know that Oswald attempted to assassinate Major Walker at his home prior to killing Kennedy or for that matter, that nearly a dozen people saw Lee Harvey Oswald shoot Dallas police officer Tippit not long after he had shot JFK. Some conspiracy theorists don't even know who officer J.D. Tippit was, that Oswald shot him in front of witnesses and that the bullets retrieved matched Oswald's revolver, (the same revolver he pulled in the movie theater when the police cornered him). According to witnesses, Oswald was walking east and, seeing the patrol car, quickly reversed and started walking west. This is what caught Tippets’ attention. This is the sign of a man in flight, but not from shooting the president.

On the day Oswald attempted to kill Walker, Oswald left his wedding ring, cash and a detailed letter to his wife on how she could get by without him if he should be caught. He also told her that he took a shot at Walker and was upset to read in the paper the next day that he had missed. The bullet retrieved from Walker's window pane matched Oswald's rifle found on the sixth floor of the Texas School Book Depository Building, the one ballistics demonstrated beyond and doubt was used to kill Kennedy.

These actions show the flight of a man in fear for his life, fit perfectly for a man who knows he's being framed for something he didn't commit. These are the last desperate actions of a patsy. Make no mistake about it, Oswald knew of some sort of event that would happen against Kennedy that day, but he didn't know the full of it, didn't know he would be fingered with shooting JFK. Oswald carried the two versions of his I.D. card with him, one showing his identity as Lee Harvey Oswald and the other stating he was Alek Hidell.

Oswald had purchased the rifle and handgun through the post office and created a paper-trail under the name Hidell. Oswald worked in the school book depository. He had read an article in the paper three days before the assassination which clearly printed the parade route JFK would take. Oswald then made his quick plans. This is all very well documented.

After Oswald shot John Kennedy from the sixth floor window of the Texas School Book Depository Building, he fled the building and jumped aboard a bus going the wrong way! He then grabbed a cab and had the driver drop him a few blocks from where he actually lived. He then raced back to his boarding room, changed clothes and grabbed his handgun. Then he sprinted for freedom but was intercepted by Tippit. When he saw the patrol car coming, Oswald panicked and changed direction, which made Tippit suspicious. Tippit pulled over and questioned him, and was shot dead by Oswald in front of the witnesses I already mentioned.

Conspiracy theorists who say the head shot came from the grassy knoll because Kennedy's head moved back and to the left would learn more if they actually studied the Zapruder film closely. If you pause your DVD player at frame 312 of the Zapruder film and move one frame by frame, you'll clearly see John Kennedy's head move forward slightly at the time of impact. I’ve done the same thing on a high resolution 1080p video, one frame at a time. There is no doubt. Trust me.

Oh, I know. There’s no money to be earned in stating that Oswald acted alone. The only sure way to make any bucks is to go with the idiotic crowd, accept the stupid conspiracy theory. It's so easy, so expected.

Since frame 313 shows Kennedy's head opened up it also indicates that the bullet has ALREADY LEFT and is long gone by the time his head begins to move backwards.

If anyone knows anything about ballistics they'd understand that a bullet created a small hole upon entry and a much larger hole upon exit. It may all seem a bit unimportant to some of you now 44 years later. Oswald, and the man who shot Oswald, Jack Ruby, are dead. And the country has never been the same.

Perhaps the best book ever written on the subject is by author Gerald Posner.