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These two photos of Keith Laumer were taken not long before his stroke in 1971. Photos courtesy Keith's daughter, Sabrina Laumer

Keith Laumer was one of the best hardcore science fiction writers of all time, the master of time travel and alternate worlds. I created this site in his memory as too little has been written about this troubled man.

Keith Laumer was an extremely prolific and talented writer who gave us The Other Side of Time, A Trace of Memory, The Time Bender, The Long Twilight, Time Trap , Dinosaur Beach, and The Infinite Cage, and of course, many others.

Keith Laumer and I communicated over a 21 year period, spending many long hours on the phone. More than any other man, even more than Carl Sagon, Keith Laumer shaped my character with his fictional characters. My favorite Keith Laumer book is "The Other Side Of Time". I never cared much for the Retief character but in that, I must be a minority.

I finally got to meet Keith in 1990, at his home in Brooksville, Florida, a couple years before he died. I was in awe of the man, his talent, his persona. He was paralyzed on one side but could get around on a motorized scooter, which he drove on a tour of his property during the 1990 visit. I had taken my nine year old daughter with me, all the way from Oregon, to finally meet Keith after all those years. We had a wonderful visit, that is, until the lasts few minutes when Keith pulled a German Lugar, aimed it at my chest, and told me to leave. He later apologized but I never saw him again.

Keith Laumer
Keith Laumer