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Experts Doubt Claims of 'Hidden Chambers' in King Tut's Tomb

Thursday March 31, 2016    8:23 AM

At a March 17 newsconference, officials at Egypt's antiquities ministry released radar data that they said of . The scans, carried out by Japanese radar technologist Hirokatsu Watanabe, "suggest the presence of two empty spaces or cavities beyond the decorated North and West walls of the burial chamber," they said in a statement. The scans also suggest the "presence of metallic and organic substances," and show what cou ... Full Story

12 Supereruptions Pockmark Path of Yellowstone Hotspot

Tuesday March 29, 2016    4:43 PM

A dozen of these took place along the Yellowstone hotspot track, researchers reported Feb. 10 in the journal . The trail of eruptions marks where the North American tectonic plate sailed over a superhot blob of ... Full Story

Beetle's chemical signal tells mate, 'Honey, I'm not in the mood'

Saturday March 26, 2016    9:26 PM

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - When a female "burying beetle" is focused on caring for babies and not making new ones, she releases a chemical signal to her libidinous mate that says in no uncertain terms, "Honey, I'm not in the mood." Scientists describ ... Full Story

Mindfulness Meditation May Reduce Low Back Pain

Saturday March 26, 2016    9:26 PM

In the study, a group of people with chronic  participated in an eight-week program called mindfulness-based stress reduction, which involved using meditation to increase their awareness of the present moment, and their acceptance of difficult thoughts and feelings, including their pain. Abou ... Full Story

Genetic study tracks start of Zika's invasion of Americas back to 2013

Friday March 25, 2016    10:41 AM

In the first genome analysis of the current Zika epidemic, which has been linked in Brazil to cases of birth defects known as microcephaly, researchers said the virus' introduction to the Americas almost three years ago coincided with a 50 percent rise in air passengers from ... Full Story

Stop Attacking Scientists for Reporting the Truth on Climate Change (Op-Ed)

Monday March 21, 2016    11:54 AM

Multiple lines of well-established evidence point to the reality of human-caused climate change. The impacts are now apparent â?? and range from rising sea levels to increased weather extremes, including more severe storms, droughts, heat waves and wildfires. In response, the world's nations ... Full Story

Real-Life 'Teddy Bear' Is No Longer Endangered

Friday March 18, 2016    9:07 AM

For more than two decades, the Louisiana black bear â?? the iconic beast that inspired the "teddy " â?? has been considered a threatened species. But the adorable fuzzy bear will soon be removed from the Endangered Species List, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) announced on Thursday (March 10). "This is a terrific c ... Full Story

Diminutive 'Hobbit' people vanished earlier than previously known

Thursday March 31, 2016    8:23 AM

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The extinct human species dubbed the "Hobbit" vanished from its home on the Indonesian island of Flores far earlier than previously thought, according to scientists who suspect our species may have had a hand in these diminutive people's demise. Researchers on Wednesday said they recalculated the age of bones of the species, named Homo floresiensis, found inside a Flores cave, and determined it disappeared about 50,000 years ago rather than 12,000 years ago as previously ... Full Story

Man-Made Earthquake Hotspot Revealed: Oklahoma

Tuesday March 29, 2016    4:43 PM

The culprit? are creating the shaky conditions in a region of the central and eastern U.S., the USGS seismologists say. USGS scientists just released their first map that includes earthquake risks from both natural and human-induced causes for the coming year. Until now, the government agency inc ... Full Story

Tiny Artificial Life: Lab-Made Bacterium Sports Smallest Genome Yet

Saturday March 26, 2016    9:26 PM

The newly created bacterium, which can metabolize nutrients and self-replicate (divide and reproduce), brings the team one step closer to building with particular functionalities, they said. The artificial bacterium has only 473 genes, compared with the thousands that exist in wild bacteria. T ... Full Story

With the Right 'Words,' Science Can Pull Anyone In (Op-Ed)

Saturday March 26, 2016    9:26 PM

To paraphrase Galileo, "The book of nature is written in mathematical characters."  The language that physicists and astronomers use to describe the natural world around us and the vast cosmos above us is just that â?? mathematics. It's through theoretical equations, data analysis number-crunching, and hardcore computer simulations that scientists pry open nature's secrets from her jealous hands. [] Mathematics is a fantastic tool, revealing more about the universe than we could've ever dreamt when the first scientists started applying rigorous methods to their natural philosophy. But that blessing is also a curse. Mathematics, the language that proves so adept at describing nature, is not the easiest language to tr ... Full Story

World's Largest Aircraft Readies for Takeoff

Friday March 25, 2016    10:41 AM

At 302 feet (92 meters) long, the hybrid Airlander 10 â?? which mixes tech from airplanes, helicopters and airships â?? even dwarfs , the Airbus A380 (also called the Superjumbo), and boasts a weight of 44,100 lbs. (20,000 kilograms), according to its maker, Hybrid Air Vehicles in Cardington, Engl ... Full Story

U.S., Russian crew arrives at space station

Sunday March 20, 2016    9:49 PM

CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. (Reuters) - A Russian Soyuz capsule carrying a NASA astronaut and two Russian cosmonauts arrived at the International Space Station on Friday, ending a nearly six-hour flight, a NASA TV broadcast showed. U.S. astronaut Jeff Williams and cosmonauts ... Full Story

The Gravitational Wave Crests: Big Discoveries are Worth the Wait (Op-Ed)

Wednesday March 16, 2016    9:41 AM

Late last month, I testified before the U.S. Congress alongside three leading physicists about a topic largely unknown on Capitol Hill: . After decades of effort, the LIGO Science Collaboration had directly observed these waves for the first time, and for representatives from both sides of ... Full Story

Sanofi poaches AstraZeneca scientist as new research head

Tuesday March 29, 2016    4:43 PM

LONDON (Reuters) - French drugmaker Sanofi has poached one of AstraZeneca's top scientists to be its new research head in another high-profile departure for the British drugmaker. Sanofi said on Tuesday that Yong-Jun Liu had been appointed as head of research with effect from April 1, reporting to Elias Zerhouni, the group's president of global research and development. Liu, a specialist in imm ... Full Story

Aloha, You Old Bat: Extinct Critter Doubles Hawaii's Land Mammal Species

Monday March 28, 2016    5:44 PM

Found in 13 cave sites over five islands â?? Kauai, Oahu, Molokai, Maui and â??the fossils described in a new study represent at least 110 individuals and reveal a bat that was notably different from the only other land mammal species that is endemic to Hawaii â?? the Hawaiian hoary bat ... Full Story

You're Surrounded: New Tech Unleashing 3D Audio

Saturday March 26, 2016    9:26 PM

When most people think of the latest and greatest in home theater, they recall articles, photos and conversations about the newest screen or projector â?? the visual display. However, there is another component to home theaters that is the true all-star when it comes to creating a cinema-like ... Full Story

Dracula Science: How Long Does It Take for a Vampire to Drain Blood?

Friday March 25, 2016    10:41 AM

Their findings, timed to commemorate the 85th anniversary of (1931), were published online in the 2015 issue of the University of Leicester's . The undergraduate journal features peer-reviewed articles written by fourth-year students in the Department of Physics and As ... Full Story

Male Birth Control: What's Known, What's Not Known, What's Next (Op-Ed)

Monday March 21, 2016    11:54 AM

-->  ever before. Researchers are developing, and already testing, a number of new methods in China and India, and in Europe, an implantable on/off switch developed by a German carpenter is generating a lot of buzz. The switch, known as the What's knownonly tried and true methods on this l ... Full Story

Can Australia's Fairy Circles Settle an Ecological Mystery?

Friday March 18, 2016    9:07 AM

Fairy circles are regular patches of barren dirt arranged in a repeating hexagonal pattern. They've long been a flashpoint of controversy in the African country of Namibia, where researchers have postulated that they're the , that they're , that they're caused by toxic und ... Full Story

Snowscapes Show Wonder of Animals in Winter (Photos)

Wednesday March 16, 2016    9:40 AM

Winter wildlife watching is at its best and most beautiful when temperatures fall, bringing snow.  Big cats like Amur tigers and snow leopards are well-adapted to the cold. They are specially winterized, with coats that become more soft and dense with the change in weather. Large paws covered in ... Full Story
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